The OG

If you already follow my Instagram account, I’m sure you have come across some adorable photos of our cutest and furry family members! If not, that’s ok, because here, you will get to meet them, see them and understand a little bit of why we love them SO much!

Here is Sacha, she is the OG (original). Sacha and I have a long story, we have been a IMG_6616team of two for a log time; we came in a package. She is almost 11 years old, and let me tell you, she has a personality three times her size! Once Sacha met my husband, she fell in love, and maybe grew a bit of a obsession for him… (don’t tell her I said that!) Sacha is our Little Rock, we call her “Queen of the House”, because what she wants, she gets, and that’s not just from her two other fur sisters. If she doesn’t feel well, she will let you know, (yes she will puke or have diarrhea on our bed), she will snuggle you so much that if you are laying down, she will slightly suffocate you. I promise though, she just wants you to make her feel better. If she’s mad, she will also let you know, depending the reason of her madness, you will either see IT or not see HER at all (if you know what I mean).

I promise you she loves her two sisters, however, it took a few weeks for her to warm up to them at the beginning. If Sacha isn’t happy, and she feels sad, she likes to strike. She goes on a food strike, and will only eat wet food when she lets you know she is hungry.  Sacha is NOT a fan of children, she is very well aware of how rough they can be, when she was younger, she has been pushed, stepped on, her tail has been pulled MULTIPLE times. Sacha will stay away from little children. Sacha also does NOT like to socialize with other dogs, he prefers adult humans and her sisters once in a while (when they are sleeping or calm).

Sacha is a Shih-tzu mixed with a pug, sometimes people think that she looks two Carolina-365different ways at the same time. There have been children in the past that have asked me if her eyes are about to fall out, or it they have in the past. We think that her lips look like gorilla lips, very dark and shiny. Some people say she looks like an Ewok from Star Wars. However, if I was to compare her to a character, I think she’s more like a Yoda, because you can see wisdom in her look.

Sacha is most definitely spoiled, she is our “main”, and she is very special to us. She is loved by many. Sacha loves to sleep, hates the water and hates the cold. Sacha will hold it in if its raining, she will sleep in with you, and she will sleep all day… She loves to watch movies with you, and if there are any animals in it, WATCH OUT, she will be barking and jumping at the TV! So no, we don’t watch National Planet, Animal Planet or any documentary or animal movies (unless we are on vacation).


Dear readers,

I apologize fo being absent for so long. I have a giant list of subjects to fulfill, and readers/followers to keep happy. I promise to try my best to continue to write. Between my last article and now, many things have happened in our lives and the lives of our loved ones, which for a while took a toll on us, and also took motivation for writing on a regular basis away. However, I’m here, I am back! C+S YUCATÁN-59

I am back fo myself and for you!

We are good, we are healthy, we have grounded ourselves and reconnected with ourselves. This time has been amazing, because though at moments it may have been tough, we learned so much about one another, and I truly believe that we have taken our relationship (marriage, romance, passion, trust, communication, space, etc) to a whole other level that not many will ever understand! Not only has my relationship with my spouse grown, but so has the ones with our family and ourselves!

We have cleared ourselves from negativity, and decided to surround ourselves with positivity. I have decided to let go of what we cannot control and enjoy the things that we can!

Again, I am sorry to have been silent for a while, and I’m sure eventually one day, you will need silence too (if you’ve already not needed it before). Often, that’s all we need; it helps recharge those batteries to be able to go full blast again! I hope that I have not disappointed my followers/fans/readers too much, and hopefully some of you can relate.

I hope for those who truly enjoyed reading my stuff, that you visit again!

With LOVE,


Brink or Lambert? (about me)

Hey lovely readers!!
I figured that sharing some facts about myself with you would be nice, this way many of you can relate, learn and enjoy this path of being a wife with me!

31564078_10156090057776677_6841225149761454080_nMy husband and I got married July 28, 2018. For those that aren’t aware, it is also Peru’s Independence Day! Coincidence? NOPE! I lived in Peru during most of my childhood (exactly 12 years), where I went to an incredible British Private School; Newton College. My husband also fell in love with Peru since the first time went (2016), and since many of our guests were coming from Peru, we thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate everything at once!

If you’re into astrology, you’d be curious to know what my sign is… I am a Gemini. Although born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini, I mainly identify myself as a Gemini. My husband is a Libra, just like my father was. And according to astrology, Geminis and Libras are perfect for each other! Is astrology as far as I go? NOPE! I love metaphysics, the power of nature, the power of the mind and all of they incredible abilities.

My hobbies you may ask? Yes, I have lots! I absolutely LOVE to draw, colour, paint. I went  to art school and also took Graphic Design. I enjoy writing and reading,  I simply lack the ability of making the time…  I love to travel, I love social gatherings, however, I also like silence, and being alone at times.  I love food, eating out, cooking new things, and of course enjoying what my husband cooks (he’s the one that cooks most times)!

I started this blog because MARRIAGE can be intimidating for many women (and men) . It is a big shift in anyone and everyone’s life, and sometimes things can go wrong and it may make many people want to call it quits. Every relationship is different, however, MARRIAGE doesn’t have to be hard, or work, or tiring. Believe it or not, marriage can be fun all the time, and I am here to help you with it!

This blog is for the newly weds, the wives that want to click the “refresh” button, and the ones who live with their partners!

Taken, but still dating…

Are you married?

I am, I have been married for 7 months, we have been living together for almost 3 years… Sometimes things become sedentary or “boring”.  Best advice for a change? DATE

Processed with VSCO with ku4 preset

Remember those afternoons, when you would start getting ready super early? The times you would make sure to do your hair, your make up, shave your legs, spray perfume, and model a million different outfits in front of the mirror because you aren’t sure what he’s going to love?

Remember the butterflies you’d get when he would come over to pick you with some flowers, take you out for dinner, or even go for a cruise to see the starry night?

Remember making plans ahead, looking forward to seeing each other… Remember when  you’d make sure your eyebrows were perfect, your nails were perfect, and still looked relaxed?

Did you go through all that? Did it stop?
I hope it that it hasn’t stopped.

I go out on dates regularly. I love that feeling, that spark, those butterflies and feeling IMG_7212sometimes nervous. I enjoy getting out, try new things, going out of my comfort zone…
I truly enjoy getting ready, doing my make up different than the usual, trying out new outfits, planning my outfits (yes, sometimes that includes looking up ideas on Pinterest), matching my nails to my outfit, finding makeup that matches my shoes, etc. The whole process is fun, it makes me feel pretty. When I feel pretty I feel good and extra confident!

What girl doesn’t like that feeling? Feeling pretty, feeling admired by their partner, and hearing regular compliments! As far as I know, every girl loves it!

My husband loves it too! Getting ready, breaking out of the routine, going out, doing different things… and everyone knows, a man who gets a compliment and feels loved, is a man who is always happy!


Carolina-89My husband and I regularly date, we book activities, we cook together, we go out for dinner, we surprise each other, and I still spend time getting ready. My husband still spends time buying me flowers, coming home with little surprises…
Sometimes even going out for a walk and change of environment is a huge refresher…
My mother once told me, “never change from who you were at the beginning, you must maintain the spark, and always get ready for him”; and she is right. I see so many couples that complain about each other’s changes, that let themselves go, that stop putting in the effort…


Well, I may not be married for long, but one thing I know is that everything in life takes effort and work, and a loving and lasting relationship takes time, love, communication and WORK.

So, my advice to you, newly weds, not newly weds, please love yourselves, your relationship, and never stop attracting each other…

He’s ALWAYS home

When my husband and I started dating, I found out he worked from home, or his phone; or basically anywhere.

Do you know what that means?

It means that he has the ability to ALWAYS be there (or almost always unless he has a meeting or a trip).  To be truthful, it has his pros and his cons. At the beginning it was a con; why? Because he was always available, he was always ready to do something, it seemed like he was ALWAYS THERE. It’s quite funny, most people ask for that, however, I was not used to that, AT ALL.

Being home means being able to travel any time, any where!

I was so used to the “playing hard to get” crowd, and the “always too busy”, that it seemed extremely odd. He was ALWAYS ready and up for anything. Constantly, I had my mother saying “that’s what real men are meant to be like, always there for you”, and “he is such a gentleman”. So, there I was thinking, day in and day out, “is it something good or bad?”.

To be 100% honest, it took about three to four months to get used to the fact that I was able to have someone around me any time! I finally gave myself the chance to allow him to sweep me up off my feet. Those few months were odd for me, because I would have to sometimes send him home, however, I started realizing that when he left, I missed him. I got so used to having him near me, even if it meant doing something different.

Once I realized that the fact that he was always available was something positive, I begun to learn how to enjoy every moment, and how to take advantage of it all. When I say “take advantage”, I do NOT mean take advantage of him, but of the fact that we have more time to do things together. I also learned that just because he was available, it doesn’t mean that we had to spend every moment together.

With time, we learned how to have our own time, spend

Being home means random Tuesday dates

time together, and even do things in the same room that don’t involve the exact same activity. For example; right now I am writing about this, and he is working on his own laptop right beside me. We exchange looks here and there, but we still manage to do our own thing.

Now I am extremely grateful that I get to come home from my morning shift, jump into bed and snuggle up to his warmth, Im grateful that I get to eat breakfast and lunch and dinner with my husband. I am grateful that I can see him everyday, and that not a day goes by without him being a true gentleman that sweeps me off my feet. I now see it as a 100% PRO, and I appreciate it!


Meet my mum; she’s Colombian

Going back in time, to when my husband and I first met.

Since our first date was such a success, he messaged me the next day.

Due to the fact that we met so close to Valentine’s Day, I already had plans on that day. No, they were not with someone else, instead, I had promised a friend’s son to make him a dinosaur card box for school.  I had planned to do it in “paper mache”, and as soon and I mentioned it to him, he was willing to help. This of course, entailed having a stranger in my house, until who knows when.

So he came over, and I went straight to the point of working on this project, I didn’t have time to waste. We set everything up in my little art studio area that I had at that time, and so we begun. Cutting paper, cutting cardboard, creating the structure first and then making the mix. He arrived around 6:00pm that day, and let me tell you, 11 hours of work weren’t enough. Yes, that’s right, 11 hours of paper mache, countless teas, and lots of conversations.

During the time that we met, I had rented out my house and had moved in with my mother; little did he know that she’d  be popping by at any time. And here I was hoping she had a long night at work…

For my luck, I had already given him a general introduction about my family. Where we had lived in the past, where we are from, etc. Not much later after he arrived, so did my mother, and of course noticing a vehicle outside, she came downstairs to see what I was doing, or who I was with. Yes, my husband met my mother on our second date. Instead of her coming downstairs, noticing I had company and leaving, she made herself a coffee, and sat down beside him on the floor where we were doing our project. Not at all an intimidating act (sarcasm)…

She didn’t decide on staying there a few minutes, instead she hung out for a few hours. In case you weren’t aware, my mother is a night owl, so a late night was not about to be a problem. So his interview begun. Questions were coming out left, right and centre. Personal questions, open ended questions, you name it, they were coming out. Just when I thought he would have  had a perfect opportunity to run, he didn’t. He stayed, and calmly answered it all, even made conversation, continued to drink tea and helped me while answering questions. I was slightly starting to feel left out, and of course, I gave my mom MANY looks for her to stop, and all I was accomplishing was her getting mad. One thing I know for sure is; do NOT make mum mad in front of him! For those who are NOT aware, Latina mothers can be protective of their children, and Colombian mothers, well those are an entirely different breed! My husband likes to call it the “Colombian Fury”. It literally is just like it sounds.

It’s time for our first trip!

Part 1

Mexico here we come!

We had been dating for only a few months, by a few I mean close to three. Steve asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico, to be honest, it is a country that I had never thought of visiting, however a place that had my favourite “telenovelas” filmed!

What was I supposed to do, say no? You’ll get to know me better with time, but one thing I can tell you now, is that I absolutely love travelling and new adventures, therefore, I don’t say no to such ideas. I knew it was a bit early in our relationship, however I also knew that “a trip together could make it of break it”. Therefore, why not find out as soon as possible.

So we jumped together, into this new adventure, the adventure of not just one sleep over here and there, but every night. The adventure of waking up beside each other every morning; do you know what that means? MORNING BREATH! The adventure of having to use the bathroom while the other person is near, no more holding it in for the night!

To me, a first trip together is like a “moving in test”. A week of: day in and day out of being together, sharing a room, seeing each other’s habits. You may try to control your negative habits as much as you want, but they always sneak! So here I was, folding my clothes everyday after each use, washing my garments during every shower and making sure I would blow dry them so that they could be placed back in my luggage rather than hanging them up and being visible. Shaving during every shower, making sure my nails weren’t chipped, and trying to use the bathroom at the restaurant or pool rather than in our room, in case any funny sounds would come out and embarrass me. Did I mention that the bathroom is in the main room, and it only has a glass door? Well, thats how it was!

I drank, I mean, how could I not? We went on an all inclusive trip, however, I made sure I controlled my drinks so I would NOT make a fool of myself, especially because his mother and step father were on the trip as well. Yes, at three months of dating, I was already travelling with the family.

Needless to say, I was the girl that he brought home, I got along well with his mother from the beginning, so even though to many it may sound awkward or different, it was absolutely a blast. We got along extremely well during our first trip. There was not one moment when I was annoyed, frustrated, or even disgusted. I was actually able to relax, be myself, and he did the same!

Our first trip together was a success, we both grew even closer, and it made our entire relationship feel like a dream come true! I was in LOVE and there was no turning back after this…