The OG

If you already follow my Instagram account, I’m sure you have come across some adorable photos of our cutest and furry family members! If not, that’s ok, because here, you will get to meet them, see them and understand a little bit of why we love them SO much!

Here is Sacha, she is the OG (original). Sacha and I have a long story, we have been a IMG_6616team of two for a log time; we came in a package. She is almost 11 years old, and let me tell you, she has a personality three times her size! Once Sacha met my husband, she fell in love, and maybe grew a bit of a obsession for him… (don’t tell her I said that!) Sacha is our Little Rock, we call her “Queen of the House”, because what she wants, she gets, and that’s not just from her two other fur sisters. If she doesn’t feel well, she will let you know, (yes she will puke or have diarrhea on our bed), she will snuggle you so much that if you are laying down, she will slightly suffocate you. I promise though, she just wants you to make her feel better. If she’s mad, she will also let you know, depending the reason of her madness, you will either see IT or not see HER at all (if you know what I mean).

I promise you she loves her two sisters, however, it took a few weeks for her to warm up to them at the beginning. If Sacha isn’t happy, and she feels sad, she likes to strike. She goes on a food strike, and will only eat wet food when she lets you know she is hungry.  Sacha is NOT a fan of children, she is very well aware of how rough they can be, when she was younger, she has been pushed, stepped on, her tail has been pulled MULTIPLE times. Sacha will stay away from little children. Sacha also does NOT like to socialize with other dogs, he prefers adult humans and her sisters once in a while (when they are sleeping or calm).

Sacha is a Shih-tzu mixed with a pug, sometimes people think that she looks two Carolina-365different ways at the same time. There have been children in the past that have asked me if her eyes are about to fall out, or it they have in the past. We think that her lips look like gorilla lips, very dark and shiny. Some people say she looks like an Ewok from Star Wars. However, if I was to compare her to a character, I think she’s more like a Yoda, because you can see wisdom in her look.

Sacha is most definitely spoiled, she is our “main”, and she is very special to us. She is loved by many. Sacha loves to sleep, hates the water and hates the cold. Sacha will hold it in if its raining, she will sleep in with you, and she will sleep all day… She loves to watch movies with you, and if there are any animals in it, WATCH OUT, she will be barking and jumping at the TV! So no, we don’t watch National Planet, Animal Planet or any documentary or animal movies (unless we are on vacation).

Author: Caro The Wifey

Married the man of my dreams in July 2018

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