Dear readers,

I apologize fo being absent for so long. I have a giant list of subjects to fulfill, and readers/followers to keep happy. I promise to try my best to continue to write. Between my last article and now, many things have happened in our lives and the lives of our loved ones, which for a while took a toll on us, and also took motivation for writing on a regular basis away. However, I’m here, I am back! C+S YUCATÁN-59

I am back fo myself and for you!

We are good, we are healthy, we have grounded ourselves and reconnected with ourselves. This time has been amazing, because though at moments it may have been tough, we learned so much about one another, and I truly believe that we have taken our relationship (marriage, romance, passion, trust, communication, space, etc) to a whole other level that not many will ever understand! Not only has my relationship with my spouse grown, but so has the ones with our family and ourselves!

We have cleared ourselves from negativity, and decided to surround ourselves with positivity. I have decided to let go of what we cannot control and enjoy the things that we can!

Again, I am sorry to have been silent for a while, and I’m sure eventually one day, you will need silence too (if you’ve already not needed it before). Often, that’s all we need; it helps recharge those batteries to be able to go full blast again! I hope that I have not disappointed my followers/fans/readers too much, and hopefully some of you can relate.

I hope for those who truly enjoyed reading my stuff, that you visit again!

With LOVE,


Author: Caro The Wifey

Married the man of my dreams in July 2018

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