Taken, but still dating…

Are you married?

I am, I have been married for 7 months, we have been living together for almost 3 years… Sometimes things become sedentary or “boring”.  Best advice for a change? DATE

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Remember those afternoons, when you would start getting ready super early? The times you would make sure to do your hair, your make up, shave your legs, spray perfume, and model a million different outfits in front of the mirror because you aren’t sure what he’s going to love?

Remember the butterflies you’d get when he would come over to pick you with some flowers, take you out for dinner, or even go for a cruise to see the starry night?

Remember making plans ahead, looking forward to seeing each other… Remember when  you’d make sure your eyebrows were perfect, your nails were perfect, and still looked relaxed?

Did you go through all that? Did it stop?
I hope it that it hasn’t stopped.

I go out on dates regularly. I love that feeling, that spark, those butterflies and feeling IMG_7212sometimes nervous. I enjoy getting out, try new things, going out of my comfort zone…
I truly enjoy getting ready, doing my make up different than the usual, trying out new outfits, planning my outfits (yes, sometimes that includes looking up ideas on Pinterest), matching my nails to my outfit, finding makeup that matches my shoes, etc. The whole process is fun, it makes me feel pretty. When I feel pretty I feel good and extra confident!

What girl doesn’t like that feeling? Feeling pretty, feeling admired by their partner, and hearing regular compliments! As far as I know, every girl loves it!

My husband loves it too! Getting ready, breaking out of the routine, going out, doing different things… and everyone knows, a man who gets a compliment and feels loved, is a man who is always happy!


Carolina-89My husband and I regularly date, we book activities, we cook together, we go out for dinner, we surprise each other, and I still spend time getting ready. My husband still spends time buying me flowers, coming home with little surprises…
Sometimes even going out for a walk and change of environment is a huge refresher…
My mother once told me, “never change from who you were at the beginning, you must maintain the spark, and always get ready for him”; and she is right. I see so many couples that complain about each other’s changes, that let themselves go, that stop putting in the effort…


Well, I may not be married for long, but one thing I know is that everything in life takes effort and work, and a loving and lasting relationship takes time, love, communication and WORK.

So, my advice to you, newly weds, not newly weds, please love yourselves, your relationship, and never stop attracting each other…

Author: Caro The Wifey

Married the man of my dreams in July 2018

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