He’s ALWAYS home

When my husband and I started dating, I found out he worked from home, or his phone; or basically anywhere.

Do you know what that means?

It means that he has the ability to ALWAYS be there (or almost always unless he has a meeting or a trip).  To be truthful, it has his pros and his cons. At the beginning it was a con; why? Because he was always available, he was always ready to do something, it seemed like he was ALWAYS THERE. It’s quite funny, most people ask for that, however, I was not used to that, AT ALL.

Being home means being able to travel any time, any where!

I was so used to the “playing hard to get” crowd, and the “always too busy”, that it seemed extremely odd. He was ALWAYS ready and up for anything. Constantly, I had my mother saying “that’s what real men are meant to be like, always there for you”, and “he is such a gentleman”. So, there I was thinking, day in and day out, “is it something good or bad?”.

To be 100% honest, it took about three to four months to get used to the fact that I was able to have someone around me any time! I finally gave myself the chance to allow him to sweep me up off my feet. Those few months were odd for me, because I would have to sometimes send him home, however, I started realizing that when he left, I missed him. I got so used to having him near me, even if it meant doing something different.

Once I realized that the fact that he was always available was something positive, I begun to learn how to enjoy every moment, and how to take advantage of it all. When I say “take advantage”, I do NOT mean take advantage of him, but of the fact that we have more time to do things together. I also learned that just because he was available, it doesn’t mean that we had to spend every moment together.

With time, we learned how to have our own time, spend

Being home means random Tuesday dates

time together, and even do things in the same room that don’t involve the exact same activity. For example; right now I am writing about this, and he is working on his own laptop right beside me. We exchange looks here and there, but we still manage to do our own thing.

Now I am extremely grateful that I get to come home from my morning shift, jump into bed and snuggle up to his warmth, Im grateful that I get to eat breakfast and lunch and dinner with my husband. I am grateful that I can see him everyday, and that not a day goes by without him being a true gentleman that sweeps me off my feet. I now see it as a 100% PRO, and I appreciate it!


Author: Caro The Wifey

Married the man of my dreams in July 2018

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