It’s time for our first trip!

Part 1

Mexico here we come!

We had been dating for only a few months, by a few I mean close to three. Steve asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico, to be honest, it is a country that I had never thought of visiting, however a place that had my favourite “telenovelas” filmed!

What was I supposed to do, say no? You’ll get to know me better with time, but one thing I can tell you now, is that I absolutely love travelling and new adventures, therefore, I don’t say no to such ideas. I knew it was a bit early in our relationship, however I also knew that “a trip together could make it of break it”. Therefore, why not find out as soon as possible.

So we jumped together, into this new adventure, the adventure of not just one sleep over here and there, but every night. The adventure of waking up beside each other every morning; do you know what that means? MORNING BREATH! The adventure of having to use the bathroom while the other person is near, no more holding it in for the night!

To me, a first trip together is like a “moving in test”. A week of: day in and day out of being together, sharing a room, seeing each other’s habits. You may try to control your negative habits as much as you want, but they always sneak! So here I was, folding my clothes everyday after each use, washing my garments during every shower and making sure I would blow dry them so that they could be placed back in my luggage rather than hanging them up and being visible. Shaving during every shower, making sure my nails weren’t chipped, and trying to use the bathroom at the restaurant or pool rather than in our room, in case any funny sounds would come out and embarrass me. Did I mention that the bathroom is in the main room, and it only has a glass door? Well, thats how it was!

I drank, I mean, how could I not? We went on an all inclusive trip, however, I made sure I controlled my drinks so I would NOT make a fool of myself, especially because his mother and step father were on the trip as well. Yes, at three months of dating, I was already travelling with the family.

Needless to say, I was the girl that he brought home, I got along well with his mother from the beginning, so even though to many it may sound awkward or different, it was absolutely a blast. We got along extremely well during our first trip. There was not one moment when I was annoyed, frustrated, or even disgusted. I was actually able to relax, be myself, and he did the same!

Our first trip together was a success, we both grew even closer, and it made our entire relationship feel like a dream come true! I was in LOVE and there was no turning back after this…

Author: Caro The Wifey

Married the man of my dreams in July 2018

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