Our First son; our single friend

We all have that friend, the one that is now part of the family, calls your mother “mum”, and has a spare bedroom named after him at your house. That friend that barely remembers your wedding, however, calls it “one of the top 5 weddings”. The one that mixed pain killers for his knee and alcohol; the one that decided to wear the creepy black mask on your important day, and of course, the one that got cut off even before they begun serving alcohol.

He is older than both my husband and I, however, he is like our first son. With the exception of gaining weight and labour pains, of course…
He is always involved in the parties, get togethers, movie nights, and even Steve’s weekly special “Sunday Meat Sauce Day”. He isn’t only a “Friday – Sunday” friend, he is an everyday kind of friend. The one that is down for house renovation projects, dinner dates, working out, car cruises, travelling… You name it, he is there! Yes, we trade labour for labour sometimes; he helps Steve with building; I paint his house kind of thing.

He is the kind of friend that can go from a “2”, to a “12” within minutes; and no, I am not talking about looks, I am talking about alcohol consumption! He sure knows how to party and how to bring the party to life, and sometimes making it awkward.
-“You need to drink water now!”

He is the one that supports both of our hobbies, and never takes one or the other’s side, instead, sometimes he works as a mediator… Most importantly, he is our marriage CHEERLEADER!

Ever since he moved to our city, he has become part of our social circle, family life and many traditions. We are lucky to have such wonderful first son/friend. Seeing someone care so much about our marriage means so much to us, and it is truly a blessing!

Author: Caro The Wifey

Married the man of my dreams in July 2018

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